PIE in overseas project

PIE Mapping is collaborating with the University of Leicester to deliver a demonstrator project called Saturn (SATellite applications for URbaN mobility) in the French City of Bordeaux.

The project is a large-scale demonstrator of innovative routing designed to reduce congestion and improve mobility, safety and security.

The outcome of Saturn will be the development of a new application for use in HGVs to provide directions to drivers on preferred and safe routes in urban areas that minimise congestion, noise and air pollution for residents as well as drivers.

 The application will use real time data from satellites and geographical information systems and will be made available on a range of portable devices.

Saturn concludes in October 2015 and the findings will be presented at the ITS World Congress. itsworldcongress.com/

As well as being an exciting project, there is a personal connection for PIE Mapping founder Freddie Talberg, who is an Engineering Graduate from the University of Leicester.

“It’s a real privilege to come full circle and be able to work with my old University with a business I founded based on the knowledge and education I gained at Leicester”,  said Freddie.