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  • ERN Zone

    ERN Zone

    The London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) Excluded Route Network (ERN) dataset identifies roads which have been exempted from the LLCS.

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  • Public Lavatories

    Public Lavatories

    The public lavatory dataset identifies the location of public lavatories within London.

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  • Height


    The height restriction dataset identifies points on the road network for which specific height restrictions are in place. Note. Height restrictions in the street refer to structures up to 4.95m (16 feet 3 inches). There are no signs for structure higher than this value.

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  • Fuel Station

    Fuel Station

    The Fuel station dataset identifies the location of petrol stations which can supply heavy goods vehicles within the London boundary.

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  • Red Route Loading Bay

    Red Route Loading Bay

    The red route loading bays dataset indentify loading bays situated on the Transport for London red routes operated by Tansort for London.

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  • Loading Bay

    Loading Bay

    The loading bays dataset contains onstreet loading bays operated by Local Authorities.

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