How it works

The Data Exchange enables lots of different customers and users to access the Data and Data related services for their own products, services and tools. We provide help and support if you need to set up the service and configure the data to your needs.

The PIE Data Collection process collates data every 5 minutes. PIE maintains and updates the data to ensure your applications are always up to date and accurate. Once the data is clean and ready it gets deposited into the Data Repository.

Alternative options to the Data include outputs from the Data Exchange service such as Routes or dynamic data feeds. 

Routes generated by the Routing Engine can be incorporated into any application dynamically and automatically using Webservices. Routes can be any mode of transport - bike, mobility scooter, car, truck, van as well as motorbike. What makes the PIE Routing Engine better than other free routing tools? – The route can be generated immediately with all your preferences as a user.  See some examples listed below:

Cyclist – “I want to avoid all main roads and use as many routes that have a dedicated cycle lane as possible as I want a safe journey for me and my family this Sunday.  Also advise if there are likely to be any disruptions like road closures, events or planned incidents which will affect my journey.”

Motorbiker – “I want the quickest and least congested route to work today (eg: Monday).  Consider specific bus lanes I can use as well as the fastest flowing roads (this is based on historic traffic patterns over the last 6 years) and determine the road speed for the morning journey. 

With the disruption feed we can advise on the day if there are any issues such as congestion, planned events and disruptions that will affect the route choice. Either way we will give you a pretty good estimate of how long it will take you.

Commercial vehicles – There are endless options with routing based on vehicle size and routing based on quickest journey avoiding specific restrictions such as weight, width, height restrictions. The generated routes take into consideration legal compliance to local authority rules and regulations as well as give an accurate ETA that can also be calculated based on disruptions.

Any route can be requested – just let us know; we can also help you get the route into your system, or download into your navigation device (smartphone, terminal or sat nav).