Freight Operators

More accurate planned routing compared to actual distance and time is now possible. With the use of better quality data, updated freight related data and the use of better ETA modelling with PIE’s new disruption data, accurate routing calculations can be created.

Optimised routing enables Operators to save on Driver hours and of course the fuel costs. Having all the legal stopping locations, Red Route bays, lay bys and the loading/unloading bays, enables a better routing process to the exact stopping location. Also working time directive considerations can be used to pin point specific on street safe locations.

PIE routes in full legal compliance of the LLCS (London Lorry Control Scheme). Use the PIE Data within your system today. Easy to set up and use. Flexible usage options to have the data either integrated within your own system or simply use our routing output in any way that works well for you.

All ongoing temporary restriction data will be included and available  i.e. Lord’s Major Show, New Year Parade etc.

All the data and functionality within the TfL Freight Journey Planner is managed by PIE and fully available for other applications and services from the PIE Data Exchange.