PIE present at Digital Catapult Centre

The BCS Entrepreneurs Specialist Group partnered with Digital Catapult Centre at a Technology Innovators Collaboration Event held on 12th November.

The event brought together inspirational innovators and experts from the digital, technology and financing sectors to cover the latest exciting opportunities and developments in the Internet of Things, Analytics/Big Data, plus a special session on "How to Raise Finance" - a key issue for all entrepreneurs.

PIE Mapping presented on the theme of the Internet of Things – demonstrating how big data, connectivity and devices can dynamically route commercial vehicles for safer and more efficient driving particularly in urban environments.

Those who attended gained expert insights - as well as the opportunity to collaborate with fellow innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, enterprises, academics for the day.

Freddie Talberg, CEO of PIE Mapping said, “it was a privilege to be invited to speak at this event and to be able to demonstrate how the Internet of Things is more than just a technical pipedream, but actually capable of delivering products that shape the world we live in as well as being a driving force behind innovative entrepreneurship.”